Managing the Business

Developing your managers

Building effective capability in your managers is fundamental to the success of any business. Each time a manager is promoted, it requires a new and differing skill set to continue to deliver great performance. The question is, are the new skills necessary for each level of management role, being developed in your management team?

Being ineffectually managed is one of the greatest causes of underperformance and demoralisation amongst employees – we’ve all got stories of poor managers and how they’ve impacted us. However, by investing in specific management skills development, tailored for each level of management role, you get a series of ever increasing benefits:

  • Performance across the business increases
  • You begin to grow your future management talent from within
  • You increase retention, reducing recruitment costs, increasing motivation levels and delivering long lasting high performance throughout the organisation
  • You build a business reputation that attracts future talent to your business


Management Development Options

Lemontree can work with you to identify the specific Management skills and behaviours your business needs run well. We offer tailored Management workshops, that focus on core tools and techniques managers need to be successful. Workshops range from:

  • 18 Month Programme of Management Development: 4 core residential modules with business improvement work in between modules
  • Individual Management Skills Workshops including: Influencing, Coaching, Prioritising & Delegating, Objective Setting, Motivating, Handling Poor Performance, Handling Conflict
  • How to Build and Manage Teams

All our programme/workshop designs are fully flexible to work within your business parameters, so we can flex the location, timings and group sizes to match your needs. They are built on our core foundation of strategic purpose, practicality and usability.