Leading the Business

Developing your leadership

When the pressure is on, Leadership Teams can be tempted to spend too much time working in the business, rather than working on the business.  Without realising it, the seduction of the urgent and the critical can push out time for reviewing and critiquing the direction of the business, assessing the future risks and seeing the new opportunities out there.  Without that essential leadership work, businesses begin to rot from the inside, unintentionally building a culture that values immediacy over intentionality, of reacting over planned, strategic action. 

Creating and sustaining a culture that values the work of Leadership is tough, but essential for business success and this is where Lemontree can help.  We have the tools to help you assess where you’re at right now, and if necessary refocus and refresh your Leadership time and skills to work effectively on and in the business.  As we’ve said, one size does not fit all, so we always look to create solutions that are specific to your business.  Here’s a flavour of the kinds of work we do, to help you future proof your business.

Building Your Leadership Team

Taking time out to invest in your Leadership Team is essential if you want them to optimize their impact. But persuading your team to invest the time is not always that easy! Often teams are so busy running the business, they don’t invest sufficient time in building their own team’s capabilities. Yet your business depends on the performance of its Leadership Team.
We can help you analyse your current performance as a team, bench mark what good could look like and help you build that performance improvement in the team

The thing that caught me off-guard was that Helen asked us the best questions and the right questions. And the fact that Helen persisted in asking us the best, right questions. Overcoming our pat answers and prevarications, Helen took the team to a new place of understanding and functioning which would otherwise have been beyond us.

Ashley Hardingham

(Revd) Lead Minister, Altrincham Baptist Church

Growing your Leadership

Growing your own, next generation of leaders is a hallmark of a healthy business.  Each business has its own working culture and its own set of rules on how to be successful within it.  Lemontree can work with you to identify what specific Leadership characteristics your business needs run it well and we can help you identify those unwritten rules, that develop over time in your business, the ones that need to be navigated successfully in order to lead effectively within it. 

Once you have those tools, your people can benchmark their current leadership performance against where they need to be for future promotion opportunities.  Those tools can also be used to inform training, talented reviews and succession plans, identifying precisely what’s missing, and build exactly what’s needed.

Training your Leaders

The skills you need to work on the business at a senior level are clearly different to the ones you need to work on within it. It’s no longer enough to delegate and prioritise, set objectives and manage the team. To work in a Leadership role you also need, as a starter for 10 to have:

  • Great political awareness
  • The ability to work transversally effectively
  • Lobbying and networking skills
  • Adaptable strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Root cause analysis skills
  • Strong emotional intelligence skills
  • The ability to win both hearts and minds

We’re experienced in building Leadership programmes using these and a raft of other key skills to give Leaders the core tools they need to operate effectively. All our programmes are fully flexible to work within your business parameters. They are built on our core foundation of strategic purpose, practicality and usability.