Coaching your Talent.

As organisations develop ever flatter and more matrixed structures, the need for self-motivated and self-directed people increases. Coaching can be a powerful tool for unlocking your people’s performance. It enables them to develop exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as creating a culture of ownership and accountability

Coaching is about enabling others to fully engage with all aspects of their roles, building continuous professional development, and creating a sense of high personal achievement and accountability in those being coached. When done well, it can build a pipeline of talent to strengthen your business, it builds confidence and engagement both in those being coached and also in those undertaking the coaching.

Whether you want to build a coaching culture in your organisation or you’d like to access professional, exceptional external coaches for your team, Lemontree can help.

How to create internal coaches

If you are looking to train up a team of internal coaches, to build a coaching culture, Lemontree can help you design the most effective training for your business. We are experienced in helping organisations think through exactly what they want to achieve and build them sustainable training programmes to skill up confident and effective coaches.

Expert 1:1 coaching

The Lemontree team has great experience in providing Executive Coaching including:

  • Board level coaching
  • Help to navigate the first 100 days for outside recruits
  • Transition coaching to new senior roles
  • Top talent coaching to help navigate the organisation
  • Senior women coaching to help your organisation maximise its female talent