Business Transformation

All great, thriving businesses continuously change, evolve and have a team of people who excel at navigating their organisation through that evolution. Often businesses look to skill up in process tools and their focus is spent on designing new ways of working. However, business change rarely fails because of the wrong process. It’s people who derail the process. Knowing how to successfully engage, mobilise, and persuade your people to commit to change is critical to ensuring success. Lemontree can help give you insight into how to engage your people, how to bring them on board with your plans and how to keep them energised and committed to delivering the changes needed.

Workshops range from:

  • Building Your Roadmap: a series of mini session on how to plan your change process for maximum engagement from your people
  • Stakeholder Management: a 2-day workshop on mobilising, engaging and maximising your stakeholder’s involvement in your organisational change. How to overcome resistance and build great coalitions of support
  • Troubleshoot the Blockers: how to breathe life back into your transition plans and achieve your ultimate objectives